Delfina Delettrez's Glittering Amphibian and Sparkling Spider Rings

 - Jul 4, 2009   Updated: Jun 1 2011
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You'll rethink your fear of creepy crawlers after you feast your eyes on this collection by Delfina Delettrez, a fourth generation Fendi (yes, that Fendi). Rich in gems and sparkles, Delettrez's jewels include everything from crown-wearing glittery frog prince rings to jewel-studded snakes, octopuses and spider webs. 

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Implications - Instead of placing an expensive stone on jewelry, companies can simply design pieces that separate the wearer from the crowd. While many appreciate the beauty of diamonds, there are those looking for everyday objects that represent their personality. The consumer attraction to customization allows brands to bring consumers original products that they can call their own.