Chat Perf Absorbs and Sends the Aromas of Choice to App Users

 - Oct 15, 2012
References: en.rocketnews24 & japantoday
Chat Perf is a new scent-delivering app conceived by a Japanese company, Chaku Perfume.

In a random discussion one day, the staff at the scent company mentioned that with all the technology that exists today, aromas still cannot be sent via phones. Enter Chat Perf, an attachable device that absorbs and delivers scents. The tiny "smell tank," which plugs in easily into the phone’s dock port, also comes with an atomizer to disperse the scent of choice.

One of the ways the developers suggest using Chat Perf is sending lovely scents along with a text or photo. Another method is to send smells of foreign places while on vacation to give the receiver a more vivid image of what it’s like where the sender is. They don’t say scent is the strongest sense for no reason.