The ChargeDrive Charger Does it All

 - Nov 7, 2013
References: kickstarter & kickstarter
ChargeDrive is the newest hybrid accessory for smart phones everywhere.

This nifty little device solves all our once problems and kills-not only two-but three birds with one technological stone. The ChargeDrive is a cellphone charger which also doubles as tripod and contains a flash-drive with 16GB of space. The device eliminates the hassle of carrying around charges with long cords that tend to tangle and the issue of carrying other tech devices for memory saving. The versatility of the tripod legs allows the user to view their phone screen in anyway they deem fit. There's also the option of attaching the ChargeDrive to other devices and tripods; not to add the NanoSuction plate already attached.

As far as portable charges go in this time, the ChargerDrive is more portable and compact than any charger, and even works in your car.