The Shaka Wind Monitor Analyses Air Currents

 - Jun 23, 2012
References: & gizmag
The avid sailor, windsurfer or kite-flyer needs to be kept in the loop about wind conditions and the Shaka wind monitor allows them to accurately measure the direction, intensity and temperature of the wind in their vicinity.

While weather reports and smartphone apps can give users general information about the air currents in their city, they don't do much in terms of pinpointing specific data about the blustery air in one's immediate surroundings. The Shaka wind monitor, however, can give precise data about the conditions.

It is a miniature fan that plugs into the headphone jack of any iOS device and monitors how hard the wind is blowing based on how fast its blades turn. The information is then displayed on the user's smartphone and can then be shared with others interested in the blustery nature of their city.