The Condenser Flashlight by Guangbo Wang is Cleverly Ergonomic

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: yankodesign
The Condenser Flashlight is an ergonomic design that ensures users have a better grip on the handle than traditional torches allow. This is achieved through the use of flexible materials that, lo' and behold, can be condensed as soon as pressure is applied to it, hence the name of the Condenser Flashlight.

Designed by Guangbo Wang, the Condenser Flashlight may be a simple tweak on an otherwise classic tool, but it is one that has lasting benefits. Considering how many natural disasters and resulting power outages are happening around the world, people are stocking up on such necessities as flashlights and more. With this increased frequency of use, such redesigns as the Condenser Flashlight is more than appropriate. More than that, when squeezed, the light becomes more focused than when not.