This Light for Doctors is More Comfortable and Convenient

 - Jul 12, 2013
References: bradleyferrada & yankodesign
The Med-Lite by Bradley Ferrada is a comfortable and detail-oriented head light for doctors. This surgical headset concept is ergonomically designed to distribute the flashlight's weight by contouring over and around the head. The headgear fits perfectly, with co-molded foam liners all throughout and an adjustable Velcro strap at the back.

Because comfort is vital when performing long surgeries, designer Bradley Ferrada focuses heavily on support and stability. Conventional surgical headsets have large knobs and straps that may cause an imbalance of weight or pressure on the head over a long period of time, but the Med-Lite fixes these imperfections. The headset is also easy to clean because it doesn't have the cracks and seams that most headsets have.