These Jack Jasra Star Wars Assassin's Creed Mash-Ups Kick Butt

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: jackjasra.deviantart & buzzbrewery
Be prepared to be amazed by the Jack Jasra's amazing concept: a Star Wars Assassin's Creed mash-up. Though this would be awesome, until a company actually decides to put such a game into production, all fans of either or both get are these cool pictures, which are sufficient enough to whet people's appetites.

These Jack Jasra re-imaginings take Assassin's Creed's protagonist Ezio and place him in the garbs of the monk-like Jedis and the sinister Siths. What's amazing about these images is that Jasra really nailed the 3D modelling and aesthetic look of the Assassin's Creed games while seamlessly integrating costume elements from the Star Wars universe. Having mini lightsabers as substitutes for daggers is totally rad!

If you're dying to play a badass game with Jedis and Siths, you'll be happy to know that Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to release this year.

Implications - Crossovers often reinvigorate people's interests in the franchises involved. Consumers enjoy seeing familiar products with novel twists as it satiates their desire for new content, but also provides them solace with familiarity. Corporations looking to generate interest in old products may accomplish this goal through cross promotion with another existing product.