The Shed Simove Cornobi is Full of Force

 - May 25, 2011
References: shedsimove & craziestgadgets
If you are tired of eating corn on the cob by hand and haven't quite mastered using 'the force,' then the Shed Simove Cornobi is the perfect medium. This technological design makes regular corn skewers look bland.

Designed to make food consumption entertaining for children, the Shed Simove Cornobi makes eating corn on the cob fun. There is no end to what Star Wars-inspired games you can play with this device, and Darth Vader impressions are welcome at any dinner table with this gadget handy. Not only does it save sticky hands, but also makes parents happy as kids are more inclined to eat when corn is stuck to the end of a light saber. With the Shed Simove Cornobi, there is no need to force children into finishing their dinner.