The Techie Stereotypes Chart Dissects and Analyzes Office Identities

 - Dec 20, 2012
References: thebolditalic & designtaxi
Nicole Grant Kriege of The Bold Italics dissects the techie stereotypes of the workplace into ten categories.

From the Founder to different managers and developers to newbs, Kriege strategically outlines each position's specialties, preferred reading material, weaknesses and hobbies while also including their workplace nickname as well as where they would rather be.

Stereotypes exist everywhere, from the schoolyard to the workforce, and although these generalizations may not apply to everyone, they are definitely a more amusing and exciting job description than the typical formal addresses. Whether one is a bacon lover, enjoys screaming at the TV, likes lightsabering or would rather be organizing their ugly sweater drawer, there is definitely one or more techie stereotypes here that one can relate to, more or less.