Lightsaber Rolling Papers by Matt Hauser Make Any Smoker Feel Like a Jedi

 - Feb 28, 2012
References: geekologie
These Lightsaber Rolling Papers by Matt Hauser are the best combination of geek and badass. These sci-fi sword papers look like lightsabers from the Star Wars movies and can be used to roll cigarettes or other "things."

While Luke Skywalker is a hero and a role model for any young man, it's not well known that when he wasn't fighting Darth Vader and training with Yoda, he was down at the Vapor Lounge on Tatooine rolling a few doobies with the lightsaber rolling papers. Even Yoda took a few drags once in a while just to keep the power of the force strong within himself.

Currently the Lightsaber Rolling Papers are only a concept, but hopefully the idea will get some backing so we can all smoke with power of the force.