From Cold Intergalactic Confections to Clone Wars Cake Pops

 - Nov 28, 2013
Any Sci-Fi fanatic looking to bake up something nostalgic to eat will absolutely love these scrumptious Star Wars treats, which pays tribute to this iconic film series with delectable desserts and confectionary delights.

While apparel pieces and collector's items are definitely must-have products when it comes to paying homage to a film, cooking or baking something is fun and tasty alternative to showcasing your admiration for a particular movie or franchise. Perfect for any Star Wars enthusiast looking to munch on something sweet and nostalgic, these scrumptious Sci-Fi treats will definitely demonstrate just how much of a Star Wars fan you really are.

From Boba Fett ice cream cookie creations to Princess Leia cupcake recipes, these scrumptious Star Wars treats will definitely add a playful touch to any Sci-Fi movie marathon.