Disposable Aardvarks Inc. Created This Star Wars Character from Soba Nood

This fun lunch time creation by Disposable Aardvarks Inc. is a healthy and clever recreation of the popular Star Wars character, Chewbacca.

Created as a basic school lunch for her son, this Chewbacca shares a striking resemblance to the furry character from the George Lucas film. Instead of being covered in hair, however, this vegan meal is made from soba noodles with nori, black beans and tomatoes serving as a face. This edible version of Chewbacca is served up on a bed of white rice with meatless meatballs.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is not difficult, but making such creative meals takes a special touch. The meals by Disposable Aardvarks Inc. are both healthy and creative, so there is really no reason not to eat them!