The Ewok Gingerbread Village by 'The Infinite Yums' is a Work of Art

Even Star Wars fanatics love to celebrate the holidays, and what better way to do it than with this Ewok gingerbread house from Canadian bakery 'The Infinite Yums.' The confectionery Ewok village was created as a charity piece to raise money for University Hospital, and will definitely make some sci-fi nerd extremely happy this festive season.

The village comes complete with a gingerbread Forest of Endor, a Rice Krispie treat Death Star with actual working lights, and little chocolate Ewok guys, of course. The designer even hid a chocolate Yoda, Chewie and R2D2 wearing a Santa hat in the scene as an added bonus for those who really take the time to explore this edible piece of pop art. If you're looking for a new take on that holiday staple this year, why not draw some inspiration from the Ewok gingerbread house by The Infinite Yums.