These Star Wars-Themed Pocky Treats are Shaped Like Lightsabers

 - Jul 17, 2013
References: & foodbeast
If you can’t get enough of Star Wars-themed products, these Star Wars Pocky chocolate treats are shaped like colorful, edible Jedi lightsabers. The delicious chocolate Star Wars-themed treats were created through a partnership between Lucasfilms and Japanese food company Glico that aimed to release inventive and edible Star Wars products.

Pocky chocolate treats are the deliciously sweet Japanese biscuits that come in long, thin cookie sticks. Each stick is then dipped in layer of sweet chocolate. For the Lucasfilms collaboration, the traditional milk chocolate Pocky sticks were covered with flavored chocolate to mimic the hues of the bright, technicolor lightsabers.

Glico used green tea chocolate is used to create Yoda’s lightsaber Pocky, strawberry chocolate to create the Sith Lord’s red lightsaber Pocky and grape chocolate to create Luke’s blue lightsaber Pocky. While these Star Wars-themed Pocky treats look delicious, you can also play these edible mini lightsabers them and pretend you’re a Jedi.