From Cheesy Macaroni-Stuffed Pretzels to Pretzel Pizza Crusts

 - Jun 4, 2015
Thesee creative recipes featuring pretzels prove that the salty snack is no longer just a second-rate companion to potato chips. From the sickeningly sweet to the ultra salty, these delicious pretzel recipes offer a host of bold new flavor combinations.

The most popular variation on a pretzel has of course been the pretzel bun. Adding a hint of salt to a basic slice of bread, the pretzel bun has proved perfect for everything from hearty, festive burgers to unusual croissant hybrids. Pretzel bread has even proven pizza-friendly, serving as a delicious substitute for traditional dough.

Beyond transforming pretzels into bread, some of the other bold recipes featuring pretzels demonstrate that the salty snack can easily be added to classic recipes for an unexpected twist on old favorites. Chocolate chip cookies and pretzels seem like a perfectly natural combination, as does the addition of pretzels to buttery popcorn snacks. However, pretzel bits also seem to pair perfectly with decadent cheesecakes and nutty chocolate puddings for a different kind of indulgent dessert.