This Jack-O-Lantern Meatballs Recipe Doesn't Quite Hit the Mark

While this meatballs recipe might result in a delicious tasting appetizer, the overall look probably resembles what your old jack-o-lanterns look like now. The paleo meatballs from HellthyJunkFood are created to look like carved pumpkins for Halloween.

The Giant Jack-O-Lantern Meatballs recipe appears to consist of oversized meatballs with an edible orange casing and pretzel stick stems with a bit of garnish. This casing is made from Pillsbury dough crust that has been dyed orange for the season.

One could take a similar approach now that Halloween has passed, by instead dying the dough red and making autumnally appropriate apples or Christmas themed baubles. You could also try stacking them if you want to build a snowman.