Newmindspace Organizes the World's Biggest Lightsaber Battle

 - Sep 28, 2011
References: newmindspace & io9
As far as social media companies go, Newmindspace is among the most challenging to describe. Part flash mob and part activity group, the organization regularly invites Internet fanatics to fun street events typically designed to draw out the nerd within.

This past Saturday, NYC's Washington Square Park was besieged by thousands of battling warriors from the conflicting Jedi Order and Sith Empire. One quick look at the image feeds, however, and you'll soon realize that the fighting was less fatal and more fun than anticipated. Newmindspace organized the fictitious war recreation and handed out over 500 luminescent lightsabers free-of-charge. The Jedi warriors steeled themselves on one side of the park and the Sith on the other. The resulting battle charge turned the flash event into a '90s techno rave, minus the Prodigy and Depeche Mode.

Newmindspace organizes these battles for free and everyone's invited. If you would like to participate in the next impromptu episode, just head over to the group's website!