- Feb 22, 2014
These country branding projects bring patriotism, modernity and in some cases, humor to a country’s most recognized symbols in campaigns, packaging and products. A lot of a country’s quintessential elements become amplified around the time of the Olympics, since they are such strong representations of a particular nation. One great example of this is the American medal ceremony uniforms for this year’s Winter Games at Sochi. Although the details may not be evident from the podium, there are phrases from the national anthem hidden in the pockets and soles that makes the designs really special.

Two more great examples of updated American identities include the updated USPS packaging and the ‘United We Stand’ project, which both update classic American motifs to appeal to a younger generation.

Some other notable country branding projects include ’Know Canada’ by Bruce Mau Design and the ‘Come and Complain’ campaign for Poland.

From Patriotic Mail Makeovers to Northern Nation Rebranding: