The 50 Weird Australia Facts Infographic Highlights Nuances

 - Oct 6, 2013
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Among some of the quirkiest facts about the Land Down Under, every year on January 26—or Australia Day—citizens can race cockroaches at Brisbane’s Story Bridge Hotel, according to a 50 weird Australia facts infographic. Who knew?

Created by NeoMam Infographic Studios, the infographic brings to light some bizarre and fascinating facts about the beer and marmite loving country. Australia was first formed as a Commonwealth country on the January 1, 1901, and Canberra was founded as the capital in 1911.

But onto the weird stuff, out of the 22.9 million people living in Australia, approximately 22 per cent can claim to have an ancestor who was a convict, according got to the 50 weird Australia facts infographic. Australia is home to the world’s longest golf course at 848 miles long, while the man with the widest tongue in the world—measuring 7.9 cm—us Australian Jay Sloot. It took former Prime Minister Bob Hawke 11 seconds to down two and a half pints of beer. In a more ominous fact, in 1967, the then prime minister, Harold Holt, disappeared without a trace.