The 21st Amendment Beer Cases Pay Homage to Forefathers

 - Nov 23, 2011
References: 21st-amendment & lovelypackage
Most often, beer packaging can be bland, but every once in awhile it is extravagant to the point where the contents seem irrelevant, such as the case with the 21st Amendment beer cases.

Branding and marketing a beer is a formulaic ritual that often uses scantily clad women in hopes of grabbing the attention of booze-guzzling brutes. However, the 21st Amendment beer cases are taking a different approach to get college kids to drink its suds. Playing on themes of patriotism and American pride, the beer company implements political icons and slogans such as "brew free or die!" to pull at the heartstrings of beer-chugging twenty-somethings. The 21st Amendment beer cases also make fun of American patriotism, with a beer called ‘Bitter American’, using a chimpanzee in a space suit to draw comparisons with the US-Soviet space races in the 1960s.

Regardless of how good this brew actually is, the packaging and branding of the product will surely be purchased by patriots and drunkards alike.