The Waka Waka is an Eco-Friendly Portable Phone Charger

 - May 23, 2013
References: wakawaka4light & treehugger
The Waka Waka solar-powered smartphone charger is an eco-friendly way to always stay connected. This incredible creation also doubles as an LED light, so that those without electricity won’t be forced to sit in the dark and twiddle their thumbs.

Solar-powered gadgets are always increasing in popularity. People are looking for awesome new ways to be green and eco-friendly. This creative solar-powered charger gives the hoards of cellphone users around the world an environmentally friendly way to charge their phones and stay in the loop.

Another great thing about these incredible solar-powered products is that for every Waka Waka gadget sold $10 gets sent over to the Waka Waka Foundation, which uses the money to bring solar-powered lights to people in poverty.

These neat smartphone devices help the fortunate be eco-friendly while helping people in need. That’s a purchase people can feel good about.