WiTricity is Making Wireless Charging Realistic at CES 2014

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: witricity & macrumors
The idea of a wireless charger isn't a new concept, but doing it well is a whole different issue. WiTricity is taking on the challenge of making wireless charging viable at CES 2014.

WiTricity and Apple have a friendly relationship, and talks of them working together have been swirling around since 2011. Apple is always looking for new ways to improve on the iPhone and its peripherals, and this could be one of the more beneficial add-ons in recent memory.

The WiTricity wireless charger has the ability to charge two phones at once through the use of a sleeve and a charging apparatus. As long as the phone is within proximity of the apparatus, it will charge through the use of magnetic resonance. Welcome to the future, people. Soon enough, people will wonder how we got by using USB cables.