The C'Moon Lamp Emits Indirect Beams for Comfortable Night Illumination

 - Jan 7, 2014
The modern lifestyle enables after-dark productivity, but desk lamps can put quite the strain on your peepers. The C'Moon Lamp is intended for use following the setting of the sun, at a time when your body is craving a break.

This LED light fixture provides sufficient illumination when used in close range, delivered entirely by indirect means. The cobra-shaped body of the device has a highly reflective finish that throws back a diffused glow from the intense original source. It creates an ambiance with its softness and it takes a soothing purple tint.

Radoslav Bojinov's C'Moon Lamp can be beneficially used during the day as well. So long as you work near a window or another fixture, this mirror-like one can be angled to direct rays towards you.