The Stir Kinetic Desk Constantly Adjusts Its Levels to Inspire Movement

 - Nov 30, 2013
References: stirworks & crnchy
Sitting at a desk all day long is often physically unhealthy for your body, which is why this inventive Stir Kinetic Desk is here to offer workers with a unique way to keep their bodies moving while in the office.

Sitting indoors and staring at a computer screen for five to eight hours a day can easily have hazardous effects on your body. And while most people can't quite find the time to get outside or incorporate exercise into their daily work schedule, the Stir Kinetic Desk offers workers a unique way of moving their bodies while they type or write on their tables. Designed with a unique structure that constantly adjusts its height as you work away, this movement-encouraging desk prompts users to constantly move their bodies in order to properly work on the table.