The Stashboard for iMac Encourages the Orderly Look of Your Workstation

 - Mar 3, 2013
References: quirky
Formal clarity was prioritized in the design of the Apple desktop computer -- a quality that is overpowered by the clutter that nearly all workstations accumulate. To facilitate a tidier office environment and to complement the minimalist look of this beautiful specimen of contemporary electronic equipment is the clever Quirky Stashboard for iMac.

An L-shaped piece of transparent polycarbonate acts as a small shelf for extra storage. Its acutely angled bend mimics the incline of the monitor's stand, enabling the ledge to maintain levelness when fixed to it. A semicircular clip at the top fits perfectly into the round opening in the screen's base so that the Stashboard for iMac can simply hang with sufficient support. The see-through shelf is large enough to stash external hard drives, charging gadgets and keyboards, but small enough not to project beyond the footprint of the computer.