The Worknest by Wiktoria Lenart is Organically Customizable

 - Jun 8, 2013
The Worknest by Wiktoria Lenart, a product designer based in Wroclaw, Poland, is a modular desk made with creative people in mind. What at first appears to be an incredibly basic workspace is actually full of customizable promise. The surface of the wooden desk boasts thin slots around its perimeter that can accommodate different accessories. Whether that is shelving or a planter, it enhances the space beautifully.

Warm and contemporary, the Worknest by Wiktoria Lenart would complement just about any living or workspace. Especially great for home offices, it can be further enhanced with the use of a matching space divider. Placed to the side or in front, this divider provides more storage options to stay better organized. Overall, there is an organic feel to the design.