The Belly Desk by Steuart Padwick is Deceptively Slender

 - May 21, 2013
References: steuartpadwick & contemporist
The Belly Desk has a paunchy midsection that inspires its fun name. Although the Belly Desk doesn't resemble a stomach in any way, it does allude to one in the way that it curves outward in the middle. Although this feature could easily be dismissed as a playful feature created purely for looks, it does add additional room in the drawer that sits right there.

Created by British designer Steuart Padwick, the Belly Desk is able to maintain a deceptively slim silhouette thanks to this subtle protrusion. Complete with smooth tapered solid oak legs, a person wouldn't think of it as full-figured, even though it is. Available in various colors, the Belly Desk provides a clean surface that hides away distractions.