Mio. Light Has a Quirky Third Appendage for an Animated Appeal

 - Oct 22, 2013
References: fredericjulian.de & designspotter
The Mio. Light is like a little alien amidst your other light fixtures; it differs greatly from the conventional form of the table lamp and it embodies some unusual physical traits. The designer worked to create an illuminating object that would better engage its human user; this was done, more or less, by giving it a head and limbs.

Frederic Julian R├Ątsch is most concerned with dreaming up new and unique objects that consumers are either going to connect with or not. There is an adorable quality about this flat-faced fixture with its whimsical tripod base that somehow appears more alive than your typical lampshaded source.

The Mio. Light comes in a charming pale mint color and offers a soft diffuse glow.