Cartonado Lamp is Light on the Environment and Heavy on Character

 - Jan 13, 2013
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Many consumers might be put off by the apparent ephemeral quality of the Cartonado Table Lamp, but the irony is that household items like this are replaced all of the time. Whether it's poor manufacturing or reasons related to changing style and taste, it's generally out with the old and in with the new for many households, one way or another.

Fábio Afonso designed this charming corrugated cardboard light fixture for Vicara of Portugal. It has a wonderful simple air about it that can bring a smile to one's face in a bedroom, an office or even a living room. Part of the joy of the piece is that the owner can set it up by himself. The eco-friendly Cartonado Table Lamp comes flatpacked. A lightbult can be installed after it's easily fanned open, producing an iconic silhouette with its faux lampshade.