The Capsule Bedside Lamp Soaks Up Daytime Rays for a Soft Evening Glow

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: yankodesign
The Capsule Bedside Lamp is small and probably wouldn't even catch your glance, yet it's sure to engage you with its innovative functions. The smooth black cylinder doesn't flaunt its cool features as an environmentally friendly gadget with a gentle touch of unexpected convenience.

Designed by Teng Shao, the compact table lamp has built-in solar panels to draw in the sun's rays during the day. This becomes the electrical source by which the device can illuminate each night, so that it doesn't require a cord.

Keep the Capsule Bedside Lamp off in its closed position and turn it on by raising its cap. A diffuse glow will be emitted around it, affording the user two modes. Activating dampening mode gives you a gradually dimming light, while reading mode keeps it consistently bright.