The Groovie Lamp is Lightweight, Portable and Recyclable

 - Mar 8, 2014
In terms of a second life for an old light fixture, the best you can typically hope for is to hand it down to somebody else or to turn it into an eccentric craft. The Groovie Lamp affords another option down the road, of disassembling it, flattening it and recycling its materials.

Made by Mathery of Melbourne, Australia, this table lamp consists of a trapezoidal core that contains its electronic components. This box is surrounded by larger panels that slope inwards, embodying a triangulated shape that shelters a bare lightbulb within. The cord of the Groovie Lamp escapes from one side with sufficient length to reach a wall plug below. Should you wish to transport the illuminator to another room, just wrap the cable around it and carry the lightweight, corrugated contraption away.