Woodware from Gigodesign is an Elegant Set of Wooden Cutlery

 - Dec 9, 2012
References: gigodesign & yankodesign
Woodware from Gigodesign is a surprisingly elegant set of wooden cooking utensils. The Slovenian design studio has made a fork, knife and spoon, all designed for repeated use, using nothing but wood. The utensils come with a magnetic strip that allows them to be affixed to metal cooking appliances for easy storage.

There are many benefits to making utensils out of wood. One is the fact that wooden utensils will biodegrade when thrown into landfills. Another positive for wooden utensils is that they can be mass produced on the cheap. Woodware from Gigodesign is ultra-modern and stunning, to say the least, although a wooden knife (no matter how modern and pretty) may not be the best choice for cutting steak. Here's hoping that Gigodesign creates a line of disposable wooden utensils to complement Woodware.