Adding Glitz & Glam To Your Beer

 - Nov 18, 2006
Recently showcased among the many beers at the Beertopia World Beer Festival in New York was this unique new product â€" Champagne Lager (Or Champagne Beer as it is known in the US). This innovative new beverage sets out to tempt and tease your taste buds with its combination of beer and Champagne. Flying in the face of drinking convention, which states that 'grapes and hops' should not be drunk in the same session, this new drink was enthusiastically sampled and approved by hundreds of the festival attendees.

Boasting a new category unto itself this export brand of a London based Cobra Beers will put the glam into beer drinking and add a few more carbs for the Champagne connoisseurs.

"It's so unique that it's a new category,'' said Hoshang Chenoy, vice president of marketing. "We call it the celebration alternative.''

Carrying a powerful 8% ABV and double fermented in Belgium's world famous Rodenbach brewery, bringing out all the subtleties and character of its fine ingredients, this Champagne Beer comes in a sleek dark champagne-style bottle with the tagline "This holiday season have your beer and your champagne too!"

Available in 750ml bottles, with retail price around $12 it's perfect for adding the glitz and glam to any event. Cheers!

Source: New York Local News - 1010 WINS