Toast by Adam Wendel Finally Gives the Appliance a Facelift

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: adamwendel & yankodesign
Most toasters have changed little in the past couple of decades, despite many areas in which the standard appliance can be improved. Toast by Adam Wendel is a captivating reinvention of the kitchen contraption which enhances its versatility and efficiency of use.

First of all, instead of using hot coils to brown the bread, this concept suggests their replacement with ceramic plates. With this adjustment, both sides of each slice are given an even crispiness from core to crust. Additionally, while the mechanism seems to be a two-piece heater, it does incorporate a removable central panel which widens the slot for bagels, croissants and perhaps even sandwiches.

Toast by Adam Wendel has an elliptical cross-section that conveniently guides crums down to a concentrated base. The sleek culinary accessory also has a slide-out FOLED glass interface that can act as a cover when the apparatus is not in use.