The Iron Man Xbox 360 Slim is a Gamer's Dream Come True

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: facebook & geeky-gadgets
As a fan of superheros, I drooled all over the computer looking at the incredibly stylish Iron Man Xbox 360 Slim.

Mark Bongo from Major League Mods designed the geektastic Iron Man Xbox 360 Slim that's just too cool for words. In fact, I'm sure many comic books fans are having what I'd like to call a 'nerdgasm' just looking at this. The console is decked out in Iron Man's red and gold colors, which are ultra slick and suave just like Mr. Tony Stark himself. Now as if that's not enough, Bongo has also built the arc reactor that lights up in radiant blue. I should also mention that there's even a customized Stark Enterprise case to put this baby in. It's times like these that I wish Stark Enterprise really existed to create awesome products.