- Jan 9, 2013
Gamers and tech enthusiasts alike are rejoicing with delight over the recent release of the new XBox system specs and these customized XBox 360s will help you anticipate the release of the next system even more. Gaming consoles are often sleekly designed and feature smooth lines with an attention to keeping things simplistic. The collection of consoles you'll find here modify the XBox system into a completely unique piece of technology that transform it from drab to fab.

The selections here range from simple modifications like sleek console skins to advanced case replacements and are perfect for the male or female gamer. Additionally, there are a few interesting designs like the GAEMS Suitcase that is designed to strap in the XBox console for mobile gaming bliss. Whatever your preference, this list is sure to make you even more excited and eager to get your hands on the new XBox system.

Gear Up for the New XBox System Release With These Customized Consoles: