The Ironman/Tron Cycle Concepts are Highly Imaginative

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: obviouswinner
These Iron Man/Tron Cycle concepts make me wish that I had the Green Lantern’s power to create things from my imagination. Though I’d have to learn how to ride a motorbike first and make sure I have the suitable safety gear, these concept bikes look like a blast to ride around town on.

Of course, the bikes are simply the product of imagination. Mixing together the Tron cycle concept with Stark Industries and Iron Man seems to turn out pretty well. Unless these bikes show up in an upcoming movie, this is probably the closest you will ever get to seeing them in action. The Batman motorbike really was a hit with fans, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a motorbike of the Avengers’ own.

Until then, have fun imagining cruising around town on the Iron Man/Tron cycle concepts.