This Indio UTV Ad is Explosive and Action-Inspired

 - Apr 25, 2012
References: plenty &
The Argentine creative agency Plenty was recently commissioned by Indio UTV to create a commercial that would solidify the action-packed TV channel’s brand in the minds of the public. The agency elected to focus around a muse that is both appropriate to its clientele and has traction with younger audiences.

Its commercial depicts a bomb rushing mercilessly towards a densely populated city and then detonating in a massive explosion. The blast swiftly engulfs entire skyscrapers before a superhero reminiscent of Iron Man intervenes. The metal-clad hero uses his powers to reverse the explosion and the damage caused by it. Shattered glass returns to window frames, forming immaculate panes. Cars that were flying through the air like birds in a hurricane return to their parking spots. The superhero then jumps up towards the sky and, in a flourish of graphics, transforms into the Indio UTV logo.