- Mar 12, 2013
If you're a bicycle enthusiast then you know that having a durable helmet is key to ensuring a safe and secure ride, but these high-tech helmets are adding some technological features to these otherwise simple products.

With the constant evolution of technology, people are continuing to rely more and more on digital features and easy-access capabilities, and these technologically advanced helmet designs are some great examples of how much these objects are changing. While most helmet designs are outfitted to provide a protective layer of support for your head, these high-tech designs however, are outfitted with some extremely advanced functions that serve to make the bike riding experience much more enjoyable.

From helmets that can digitally keep track of your heart rate to those that feature wireless capabilities, these high-tech pieces of headgear are perfectly fitted for a generation of people who enjoy products that are equipped to perform a variety of functions.

From Video-Recording Head Protectors to 360-Degree Viewing Helmets: