Burgers as Inedible Art

 - Nov 17, 2008
References: urlesque
Food, art and fun. Some people just love burgers, but would you go so far as to wear a Burger dress with buns, beef and lettuce? Hmm, not me.

However, this gallery shows a selection of tributes to the bun-encased patties, from a plate of fabric burgers and burger cakes to Lego and pumpkin burgers. People love these old school sandwiches!!

Where I'm from, people are brought up eating dark ryebread (because that gives you big muscles) and are told that fast food is bad for you. Very bad… I actually didn't have my first hotdog until I was 20 years old and couldn’t believe what I had been missing. Fast carbs and a rush of blood sugar going to your head after a night out. Sweet. I had two straight away... but that's our secret, OK?