$175 Wallstreet Kobe Burger

 - May 21, 2008
References: uk.reuters
We were excited about the first $100 hamburger, then astounded at the $5,000 Fleur Burger at Mandalay Bay in Vegas. But after the caviar burger and the $170 Kobe beef burger from Burger King this $175 burger from a New York eatery lacks appeal.

It's not just exciting anymore. When something becomes ubiquitous, it loses its appeal, its novelty and therefore, its desirability.

Just in case your interest is still peaked, the $175 burger is available at the Wall Street Burger Shoppe. They jacked their rates for the pricey grub to ensure they'd be in first position to hold the title of NYC's priciest burger as determined by online opulence rater, Pocket Change.

"Wall Street has good days and bad days. We wanted to have the everyday burger (for $4) ... and then something special if you really have a good day on Wall Street," said co-owner Heather Tierney.

Like Burger King's, this one also uses Kobe beef and foie gras, but it's also loaded with black truffles, topped with aged Gruyere and wild mushrooms.

The only thing that makes this burger stand out is that the brioche bun is speckled with gold leaf!

The most incredible part about this item is that about 20-25 are bought every month!

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