- Mar 7, 2012
Lovers of fast food and food-inspired fashion will be overjoyed with these brilliant burgers. Going well beyond the greasy counters of a streamlined fast food joint, versions of this classic sammie have been cropping up in a plethora of unexpected places. From macaron burgers to burger purses, this good ol' sandwich has clearly had a lasting and delicious impact on pop culture as a whole.

Beyond the bizarre burger hybrids and pickle topped housewares, the burger itself (in its original edible format)has undergone some mind blowing innovations as well. Cozying up with questionable toppings, such as donuts and maggots, the burger more than proves its adaptability. All this burger worship has given rise to ridiculously large burgers, over-the-top fatty varieties and even a politically incorrect burger consisting of a veggie patty topped with a healthy helping of bacon.

If these brilliant burgers are any indication, it's clear that burger lust is here to stay.

From Mythical Fast Food Burgers to Adorable Crocheted Cusine: