Fat-Free Beef Alternative at Local House in Dubai

 - Feb 8, 2010
References: reuters
Unsure about having fries with that? Now burger-lovers have another choice to make: beef, veggie or camel burgers? Yes, the newest menu addition on Dubai-restaurant menus is said to be ‘fat-free’ and ‘cholesterol-free,’ and the most delicious thing to come between two buns.

Camel burgers have also received contorted faces by people who are outright disgusted by the thought of eating camel. But every culture has their own ‘interesting’ culinary delights. For just $6, the Local House restaurant in Dubai offers a quarter pound camel with cheese and sauce, which tenderizes the meat, and is a sworn trade secret of camel burger manufacturers. Wash it down with the suggested beverage: a camel milkshake.