Fast Food Poster Vs What's Really On Your Plate

 - Apr 20, 2009
References: thispiggy
The greasy burger images in the gallery above will either make you hungry, or than likely, kill your appetite. I do think it's important to study the differences of what is on the poster and what is actually on your plate. Time to face Fast Food Reality, folks.

I have certainly felt really cheated after looking at a gorgeous menu with delicious pictures of fresh fast food, and your teeth are itching to bite into that burger, wrap or sandwich, only to be completely appalled by the sloppy chunk of fat you’re getting served.

Look for yourself - and think again before ordering your favorite burger. First up in the gallery, the McDonald's Big Mac, then Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich, McDonald’s Sausage Breakfast Burrito, Wendy’s Chicken Club and las, but not least, the Burger King Whopper.

Anyone hungry? I’m not.