- Jun 12, 2013
Food enthusiasts looking to get a little bit creative with their Japanese dishes will definitely want to check out these imaginative sushi recipes, which transforms an otherwise simple dish into an over-the-top creation.

Sushi is a much beloved Japanese cuisine, the combination of seaweed, flavored rice and a variety of raw and cooked fish gives this dish a very unique and recognizable appearance. These imaginative sushi recipes however, have revamped this iconic Japanese dish and incorporated them into all sorts of other meals and ingredients you wouldn't normally associate with sushi. From salmon-infused sushi salads to sushi rolls made into sandwiches and breakfast items, these imaginative sushi recipes will have even the most reluctant sushi eaters willing to take a bite out of these one-of-a-kind dishes.

From Sci-Fi Themed Sushi to Japanese Dish Desserts: