These Sushi Cake Pops are Almost too Darling to Nibble

These darling maki-inspired Sushi Cake Pops are the handiwork of freelance designer and confectionery aficionado Kris of kCreative Cake Pops. Crafted using skillfully applied fondant and choice candy pieces, these pieces and their artistic topping conceal a dark, moist centre of chocolate cake.

Sushi lovers around the world will be lured in by this cakey take on their favorite cuisine. While raw fish may have served as inspiration for these skewered orbs of cake, you'll be relied to know that no fish was harmed during the making of these Sushi Cake Pops. If, however, you want a sweet bite after your sashimi-filled meal, then these Sushi Cake Pops are exactly what you need. If you live in the San Diego area, these marvellous maki sweets can be yours.

Carefully created using some mind-bending fondant-wielding skills, kCreative's Sushi Cake Pops are almost too adorable to eat.