From Snake Burger Patties to Foie Gras Fast Food Meals

 - Nov 17, 2014
These alternative burger recipes range from snake meat patties to foie grass sandwiches that make one's fast food experience that much more luxe. While classic beef burgers will forever remain a crowd pleaser, alternative burger recipes are becoming more and more popular with ingredients like oxtail, rabbit and lamb belly.

Standouts from this list of alternative burger recipes include PornBurger's Hare Club sandwich recipe along with the Foie Gras Burger from Wendy's. While Wendys' $16 foie gras burger appeals to a more mature and quality-conscious clientele, The Hare club sandwich by PornBurger is an indulgent twist on a rare rabbit delicacy.

Both burgers boast unconventional ingredients and are unlike the classic beef patty-infused fast food meal.