This Curry Scallop Pasta is Full of Exotic Eastern Flavors

 - Mar 31, 2015
References: mastercook
This delectable curry scallop pasta recipe proves two things -- that pasta can be reinterpreted in different culinary traditions to good effect, and that curry may be the greatest cooking ingredient known to mankind.

The key to this dish is searing the scallops with a bit of curry powder on the outside, giving it a flavorful caramelized crust on the surface. Moreover, as the scallops sizzle, they leave their flavor behind in the oil. Sautee garlic and ginger in this oil and deglaze with coconut milk for a creamy curry sauce that lifts the entire pasta dish.

The curry scallop pasta is a fine example of a dish that doesn't actually take any herculean effort to put together even though the end result looks fancy and elaborate.