From Coconut Kiwi Popsicles to Coconut Mango Coleslaws

 - Aug 23, 2015
The health and hydration benefits of coconut water are nothing new, but recently, more and more food products are getting coconut-flavored makeovers.

In many instances, coconut is used as a healthy substitute to otherwise unhealthy ingredients. Bake-free coconut cookies and coconut chips are perfect examples of this pattern, and utilize the flesh of the fruit rather than just the water.

Coconut kiwi popsicles are is a simple DIY recipe that incorporates large slices of kiwi and coconut milk which is then frozen. This easy and healthy snack takes advantage of two coconut qualities -- its health benefits and its flavor. Another example of a unique use of coconut would be coconut mango coleslaw. This recipe is a Thai-inspired side dish that combines tropical elements to create a refreshing summer snack.