Enjoy Dancing Squid in a Bowl in Japan

 - Jul 21, 2011
References: networkedblogs & buzzfeed
While you are probably used to going to a restaurant and having your food arrive to your table cooked, rather than watching it squirm around for a bit, the Dancing Squid bowl served in Hakodate, Japan, is still becoming increasingly popular.

The Squid "Odori-don," which literally translates to "dancing squid rice bowl" is literally what it sounds like: live squid and rice in a bowl. The squid's head is removed, but otherwise, it is served whole over a bed of rice and some squid liver sashimi as well as other seafood like salmon roe and seaweed.

When brought to the customer's table, seasoned soy sauce is poured over the squid to make it dance. Hence, the Dancing Squid name. The squid is then removed and prepared by the chef to be served as a side dish. For about $24, customers can enjoy watching a dancing squid for a few minutes before it's cooked.

Most people have heard of the popular "raw food" diet, but this takes the term to a whole new level.